Calue of coins

Wert der Münze

All countries have valuable and less important coins. They originate in different eras, are of gold, silver and other metals. Some are beautiful, others unattractive, hardly identifiable. They are round or angular, large or tiny and and …

Detailed values may be looked up in coin catalogues:

  • World coins. Krause Publications (World Coins).
    Available in numismatic or bookstores.
  • Swiss coins from the 15th century to the present. HMZ-Katalog Schweiz Liechtenstein.Available in numismatic or bookstores.
  • Swiss coins 1850 to the present. Numis Post & HMZ, Münzen Revue, Money Trend. Available in numismatic stores and magazine stands.
  • Ancient coins. Seaby (Greek & Roman)/Sear (Roman & Byzantine).
    Available in numismatic stores.
  • Medals. Swiss medals (Bank Leu catalogue), Shooting medals (Richter catalogue).
    Available in numismatic stores.
  • Bank notes. Numis Post & HMZ (Switzerland). Krause Publications (World), Richter/Kunzmann catalogue.
    Available in numismatic stores.
  • General numismatics. Grosses Lexikon der Numismatik (Kroha)
    Available in numismatic stores