Along with coins, the official legal tender that always had a monetary value, medals were also produced. These pieces of miniature art, that were usually much finer in detail and artistic quality, were struck in commemoration of battles, sieges or used as propaganda. They also glorified rulers and honoured national heroes. These medals were in many cases struck in weight and value of corresponding coins of the time. These creations of the past centuries are often valuable and partially extremely rare collector's items.

Basel, Gluckhenne-Medaille um 1640
Basel, Gluckhenne-Medaille about 1640

Regretfully, our age has shown that private firms and individuals produce medals of inferior artistic merit for every imaginable jubilee or event. These are usually marketed with high surcharges over the metal value. The result is that the collector loses his orientation and buys expensive medals that really represent no more than the bullion vale.